Andrew Jay Feldman

Product Injury Legal Group, LLC
Product Injury Legal Group, LLC
212 S. Bemiston Ave., Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63105 United States

Founder and Managing Partner

Andrew specializes in complex litigation matters on a national scale, and manages the firm’s mass tort, personal injury, and workers' compensation practices.

Andrew is committed to representing his clients through the entire litigation journey, from the initial stage of filing a claim to its resolution. Andrew has served as litigation and settlement counsel, spanning thousands of products liability cases on behalf of injured persons. Andrew has excelled in representing individuals who have suffered injuries from defective drugs and devices, resulting in substantial awards and/or settlements.

For the first several years of his litigation experience, Andrew represented thousands of debtors in consumer bankruptcy cases and creditors in federal actions throughout the United States. Thereafter, Andrew transitioned to personal injury litigation, advocating for injury victims and defendants throughout Illinois, Missouri, and the country.

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